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Marketing Members

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PrintingYou might think that all printers, copiers and presses do the same thing.  Well my friend, you are dead wrong. Have you ever gotten a product that looked like a copy of a copy?  Of course, everyone has seen it.  It's a little fuzzier, the images are darker, but the text is usually not that bad.  If you think this is acceptable for your product please read no more.  If you demand nothing but the best keep reading.  A copy will never look like the original.  Even with the amazing technology available today there will always be a great difference between a print and a copy. So if you want your products to have the best quality and the clearest images, you want someone who has the capability to do high resolution printing.  This is where we come in.  We have the latest and greatest in high speed laser printing.  Of course, if you just need copies we can also help, but with the equipment we have producing over 100 pages per minute at maximum resolution you can rest assured your product will look fantastic each and every time. A few of the printing services we offer are booklet printing "saddle stitch", coil printing, comb printing, 3 hole punch printing, color laser printing, color paper printing, printing and folding and many other copying and printing services.

PackagingPackaging... sounds simple.  Put it in an envelope or box and ship it off right?  Not quite.  First you have to be able to overcome the "handling" along the way.  This is often easily done by putting a product in a big box. Easy enough. So that's all there is right?  Not at all.  Packaging can be the main reason a customer returns your product.  If they open the box and don't get that overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, like they got what they paid for even before looking at the content, they may have already made the decision to return it.  So what can you do?  Add bulk.  Not necessarily cost, but bulk.  You want the customer to get the biggest, healthiest looking package you can provide without breaking the bank. Often, you can choose to make your product single sided or put your media in a poly case.  This doesn't add much, if any, and will bulk up the product so the "out of box" experience is much better.  If this still doesn't add enough meat to your product you can also break the product into parts.  For example you might have a part 1 about web design and a part 2 about hosting.  They are both closely related and could easily be in one manual but if you make this two books it's a very effective way to help give the product a more bulky feel.

MasteringProduct development isn't always easy.  Sometimes you need a little help along the way.  Have no fear, we can take this nightmare and turn it into a fairy tale.  From product upgrades to a completely new, never-seen-before product, we can take all the work right out of the project. Some of the services we provide mastering for are web sites, audio, video, dvd, CD-ROM, pdf, ebook, streaming media and, of course, artwork.

Contact Us Don't you just hate it when you finally come to a site that looks great and they have what you want but there's no phone number?. This is never a problem you'll have with Marketing Members.  You can contact us via email, phone, fax or snail mail.

Marketing Members

1180 Red Town Road

Elgin, TX  78621

Phone: 512-285-3131

Fax: 512-285-3132


ConsultingSome people need just a simple tip or have a single question they want answered.  This we do for FREE.  If however, your situation requires a little more time, we do have consulting available.  For $100 per hour you can contact someone who actually knows all about product creation, return reduction, shelf worthiness and the entire fulfillment process.  If you wish to schedule a consulting session you may reserve a minimum of 1/2 hour and a maximum of 4 hours at a time.  Not sure it's worth $100 per hour?  We understand.  In virtually every scenario your $100 investment will easily prove to be the most cost effective return on investment you can possibly make.  In fact, if you don't feel like our advise is worth the cost we'll gladly offer you a 100% money back GUARANTEE.  NO SINGLE CONSULTING AGENCY IN THE COUNTRY OFFERS A GUARANTEE THIS GOOD.  So why do we offer it?  We have never had an issue where the investor didn't easily benefit from the information given.


Ok, so I want to schedule a call, now what do I do?

First, call and ask to speak with a consulting expert.  Once you have your appointment scheduled you will need to start preparing a list of questions you want answered. 

To schedule your consultation call 512-285-3131

About Us The first and most important thing to know about us is we are in business because of you. Thank You. We literally deal with businesses all over the world. We ship globally and have the ability handle a near infinite amount of orders.  With the systems in place and the equipment available our possibilities are endless. We grow daily and hope to someday soon have many locations to serve you better.  Fortunately for us, fulfillment can happen from almost any location.  So even though we might not be in your town, you can still have the feeling that we're right next door with fast and easy communication.

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